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Service to Employers

This section is intended for companies looking for qualified computer scientist (s).

We manage all types of selection and recruitment campaigns covering the entire range of IT jobs from management positions to basic technical functions in the following sectors:

Banking & Finance
Engineering & FM; Outsourcing, IT consulting
Multinational Companies
Management Consulting
Public and private administrations
Since 2012, as part of the development of our activities and based on the experience acquired, we have created an entity specially dedicated to the provision of specialized resources on behalf of our clients.
Its new services are divided into 3 axes:


We offer our customers a range of flexible services adapted to each
Specific need.

Delegation or Pre-employment (Try & Hire)

These solutions, in particular offer the following advantages:

Delegation of specialized operational staff within a short timeframe, without any administrative burdens or other potential costs (social security contributions, avs, lpp, holidays, any absences sickness)
Practically evaluate the competencies of a new employee over a fixed period (in principle 3 to 6 months) with the possibility of commitment at term without additional costs.
Validation of competences by a professional team of Engineers level EPF
Monitoring and performance monitoring.
Regular training programs and consultant upgrades.

In addition to our core business, our company has historically cooperated on several important projects for the delegation of resources and even for projects in partnership with other consulting and engineering companies.
Our objective is to provide services tailored to the requirements of the current market and to the specific needs of each customer.

Outsourcing - project management (on a fee or contract basis)

Subcontracting, partial or global outsourcing of technical or application IT projects. Individual or team support - assistance from specialized partners.
Our long experience in the Swiss market enables us to identify recognized, high-quality service providers with the benefit of leading-edge experience and references.

The areas of expertise that we cover in collaboration with our partners are: Customized application development (websites and client-server) Consulting (Security, Work-Flow, Distribution), Web Design, Infrastructure management Computing (hosting, back-ups, security)

Guarantees - LSE: we benefit from the LSE authorizations for the rental of services and the private placement on the whole Swiss market